Alexander Kah Heng, 29 year old, Melbourne

Health turnaround and weight loss

According to my mum, I had severe respiratory allergies since I was a toddler and had required constant medication to control the severe aggravations to my health.  After my mum embraced the holistic approach to health and adopting the program recommended, my visits to the doctors stopped dramatically.


Like most growing up teenagers, I did not heed good advice to eat properly and so had gained too much weight.  When I took Lisa's advice on weight loss and management, I lost 18 kgs in 2 months. It has been 4 years ago and  I have maintained my weight loss.

Michelle Lee, Singapore

Natural way of scars removal and child's health improvement

In the past, George and myself used to maintain our health by eating a balanced and healthy diet regularly. We knew nothing about the holistic approach to health until we got to know Lisa Ng from Wellness Consulting. Through the information and awareness provided by Lisa, we now understand how to reduce degenerative diseases and oxidative stress.
We were pleasantly surprised by optimizing our nutritional needs by taking optimal supplementation, as rated in the independent " Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements" by Lyle MacWilliam, could produce such amazing results.

Within 2 months, of using the products recommended , our energy level increased, and I was able to stay up later at night and still feel refreshed the next morning and my scars from Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy (PUPPP) have diminished completely. This is of tremendous joy to me as I have tried various ways to lighten my scars before and had spent considerable amount of time and money to do so but to no avail.  My skin condition is so much better now and our daughter no longer suffers from constipation and her immunity is clearly strengthened.

I am truly grateful to Wellness Consulting for saving our family money as we have greatly reduced on medical fees compared to before due to my daughter's past constant severe respiratory problems.

Judy Testimony

Wellness Consulting Pte Ltd

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Raghu Reddy


Industry Superstar Pte Ltd

Lee Yoke Kwan, 88 year old, Malaysia

Elderly challenges and pain

Thirteen years ago, I was in pain with osteoarthritis where my knees were swollen and I had great difficulty to walk.  The medical specialist advice I was given was to go for knee reconstruction.  Lisa Ng had advised me to embrace a holistic approach to resolve my pain.  Taking her advice on an optimal supplementation program for 6 months reduced my pain gradually.  At 84 years old now, I am now pain free and have not gone for any knee reconstruction. 


Folks half my age envy me for my vitality of health and agility, all  thanks to Lisa's advice over the years.  I have saved myself so much from pain and medical costs, all due to embracing Lisa's holistic approach. 

Tan Su Cheng


Ferrari Owners Club


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