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Linda Ling, Sales Director

As a cancer fighter and survivor, Linda is a strong advocate of "Prevention is Better than Cure".  Her awareness of the causes of degenerative diseases have stirred her to create a greater awareness in people.
Being a food lover and coming from a food industry background, she realised that not all foods are the same.  With today's lifestyle and increases in population, industries are continuously seeking ways to mass produce food to the detriment of it being over processed, contaminated with herbicides, our soil over-farmed and food today being quite different to our ancestor's era due to the depletion of nutrients in it.

With her experiences, Linda is passionate to equip others on the power of being alive through optimal cellular nutrition and holistic living.  Life is for living to the fullest in happiness and in health!

Lisa Ng, Managing Director

Lisa Ng first started Wellness Consulting in Australia over 10 years ago.  She is most passionate about changing lives through advancing health and empowering others to live to their fullest potential as she has herself overcome huge health challenges since she was a child. She battled with severe skin and respiratory allergies that required her constant use of medication that posed more challenges for her over time.  As such, she was determined to gain health naturally and so had benefited much from having consulted and collaborated with Dr Valerie Cole, Director of Natural Vibrant Health Integrative Medical Centre Robina, Queensland.  Her health mentor has been Dr Myron Wentz, the founder of Usana Health Sciences and Sanoviv Medical Institute.


Over the 10 years of being involved in the health and wellness industry, she has been actively working with her team, which includes doctors, specialists, physiotherapists and other medical professionals in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.  She provides a holistic in-depth understanding of the basis of health to people at large.


She has coached individuals on how to reach their fullest potentials and spoken on holistic health topics and taught weight loss and management programs.  Some of the organisations that she has coached and spoken at includes Malaysian national cable TV station, Astro, Hong Kong Shanghai Bank, Fitness First (Australia), and City Harvest Church Singapore.


Her boundless energy enables her to care for others and to support organisations such as the Children's Hunger Fund, City Harvest Community Services Association and Compassion Australia.

Her vision for Wellness Consulting is restoring health and maximising potential in people.

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